Rob Case Waves

Share well wishes, memories, or even photos to wave goodbye.

Wave from Chip West

Rob, It has been a pleasure getting to know you. I appreciated your insightful solutions to complex problems. I wish you the best of luck in retirement and safe travels! -Chip West

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Wave from Sherry Olson

Hi, Rob! It's been wonderful working with you over the many years, even if you did make off with my Sun workstation way back when! Best wishes for your yacht activities and all that you undertake! Sherry -Sherry Olson

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Wave from Beth Lavender

Rob, Best of luck in retirement! I'm sure you will find plenty of new hobbies to pursue. Enjoy the boat and all your future adventures. Take care, Beth -Beth Lavender

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Wave from Michael Minter

Rob, We will miss your sense of fun and insight into the technology and sponsors. Fair winds and following seas, MINTER -Michael Minter

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Wave from Lydia Duckworth

Rob - I wish you well in your next adventure as I am sure that there will be many!! Enjoy your family and don't forget those of us that have supported you. By the by, Amy Soller says hello. She worked with you in her early days at MTIRE. -Lydia Duckworth

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Wave from Eric Hughes

Rob, all the best in your retirement. I still remember the information workbook project. And of course the impromptu meetings on the boat. Best, Eric -Eric Hughes

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Wave from Robert Cherinka

Rob, Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for the many years of being an inspiration and mentor. Go JBI!!!! Wishing you all the best, Bob C. -Robert Cherinka

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Wave from Jeffrey Dunn

Rob, Thank you for your guidance and support, but most of all for your friendship. I look forward to working with you on your charity project. All the best, fair winds and following seas, Jeff -Jeffrey Dunn

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Wave from Christine Gilbert

Rob, thanks for all that you have done to advance MITRE's expertise in AI. I appreciated seeing you again at the launch of the Center for Strategic Competition last year, and will always quote you on AI + Strategy! -Christine Gilbert

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Wave from Vanessa Abiaad

Rob - it's been a pleasure working with you over the years here at MITRE. I wish you fun, happiness and good health in retirement. Finally you'll be able to enjoy your houseboat and, hopefully, the open seas. -Vanessa Abiaad

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John Kreger

After almost 31 years Rob Case is officially retiring from MITRE in April 2023. Wave bon voyage to Rob and send him well-wishes. Please share pictures and stories of Rob. A keepsake book will be shared with Rob and his family.