Waving Goodbye


John Kreger

Jeff Formosa


After 24 years of outstanding and dedicated service to CAASD and MITRE, Jeff Formosa is sailing off, possibly bike-riding off, definitely driving off into the sunset and into retirement armed with a passport to Florida and an itinerary of fun. Known for his never-fail, can-do attitude, relentless positivity, and get 'er done spirit (using The Formosa Principle as possible--i.e., always charge direct when possible), it's hard to see him go. Please thank Jeff for his service, congratulate him on his career achievements, and leave your well wishes as we say goodbye and good luck!

Jeff has asked for no fanfare with his departure; however, if you are looking for ways to give him a hard time before he retires, please contact Nicole Elliott (nelliott@mitre.org).

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Wave from Tyler Smith

Hi Jeff, I wanted to thank you for helping me early in my MITRE career. Your advise and guidance through the years has been greatly appreciated. I'm so sad to see you retire. I wish you the best in retirement. Warm regards, Tyler -Tyler Smith

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Wave from Bernard Lisker

Dear Jeff: I was taken totally by surprise to see you go! You appear to me so young and always such a great performer, that I am sad not see you go! Please send your new coordinates and good luck! Your friend, Bernard -Bernard Lisker

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Wave from Emily Stelzer

Jeff, I will always remember joining you for the first meeting as a newly minted OL. You were so kind in welcoming me to the team and so very patient in teaching me everything I needed to know about mods, PRs, BWAs, and many, many other things. With every challenge we...

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