Waving Goodbye


Howard Carpenter


Hails from Burrillville Rhode Island a former bootlegging center for the state.
Graduated from West Point in 1972 with a BS in Engineering when the price of eggs was 52 cents a dozen and the Egg McMuffin and the burger chain Ruby Tuesday made their debuts.
For the next twelve years he had the pleasure of serving as an officer in the United States Army. This included assignments at Fort Lewis, Washington; Ansbach, Germany; Columbus, Georgia; Monterey, California; and Washington, D.C.

While in the Army, he attended the Naval Post Graduate School, where he received an MS in Operations Research. He married Nancy in 1982 and traded in his RX-7 for a Ford Tempo in 1983 when his daughter Kristin was born. The price of eggs was now $1 a dozen and the California Raisins and Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” campaign made their debut.

In 1984 he separated from the Army and joined Roland and Associates in Monterey, California and spent the next four years supporting the Jet Propulsion Labs in the development of training combat simulations for the United States Readiness Command and the Joint Staff, J-8.
In 1988 he and Nancy moved to Arlington, Virginia. In 1989, his son, John was born. He still drove the Ford Tempo. The price of eggs was now 79 cents a dozen.

From 1988 to 1990, he worked for Potomac Systems Engineering in Annandale, Virginia supporting the Joint Staff, J8.
In August of 1990, he joined the MITRE Corporation as a Division Assistant in the Information Systems Division (John Summers).
In various incarnations of the Information Technology Division, he served as the Associate Department Head and Department Head for the Modeling and Simulation Department and the Associate Technical Director.
He was then selected as the Technical Director of the Center for Acquisition and Systems Analysis (CASA).

He was then asked by Al Grasso to be the first leader of the DoD Business Operations Group (BOG) which integrated all of the finance groups across MITRE’s NSEC FFRDC organization.

For the last 7 years, he provided analytic support to both Steve Kirin and Rick Rudman who led the Business Operations organizations in support of the NSEC FFRDC.
The price of eggs is now $2.94 a dozen.

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