Wave from Bill Mason

Danny, congrats on your well-earned retirement. I appreciate the opportunities I’ve had to chat with you about various radar topics over the years; we will miss your expertise. Enjoy! -Bill Mason

Wave from Bob Durst

Danny, I wish you all the best in your retirement! I have always had the highest respect for your technical accomplishments and have looked to you as a model for how to serve in a Technical Center. Thanks for your many years of service to MITRE and to our country! I...

Wave from Tushar Patel

Hi Danny, Congratulations on your career at MITRE! It has been great working with you and your team. I’m sure your retirement from day-to-day deadlines and projects will give way to other interesting deadlines and projects:) Good luck and enjoy the next chapters...

Wave from Robert Cherinka

Danny, Wishing you the best! Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for all of your years of dedication and impact across MITRE and our sponsors. Cheers, Bob C. -Robert Cherinka