Bill Klein Waves

Share well wishes, memories, or even photos to wave goodbye.

Wave from Beverly Babers

To my "old" Senate friend, you've done yourself proud!! Congratulations - no doubt that next chapter will be amazing!! -Beverly Babers

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Wave from Brandi Zoesch

Bill, It has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the years especially recently in our support to MNS. You are a wealth of knowledge and I have learned so much from you. Sorry I am unable to celebrate you in person as I will be out of the country, but I...

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Wave from Tracy Schario

Hi Bill. Thank you for your years of collaboration and education of Congress on the value of MITRE and FFRDCs. All the best with the next chapter of your life journey. Cheers, Tracy -Tracy Schario

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Wave from Sebastian Forgues

Bill, Thank you so much for your help and support while we worked together. Best of luck in the next chapter, and please stay in touch! Sebastian -Sebastian Forgues

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Wave from Katie Enos

Thank you, Bill, for leading our Government Relations team with such integrity and commitment! I am a witness to the ways in which you developed and grew MITRE's engagements (and impact) on Capitol Hill both externally and internally, and hope we can continue the...

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Wave from Maeghan Welford

Bill, I appreciate the ways in which you have steadily increased MITRE's engagement with Capitol Hill and beyond in ways that are so productive and high impact for MITRE. And the calm, professional, and kind ways in which you have done your work. I will miss you...

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John Kreger

Bill Klein is retiring from MITRE on March 17. Wave goodbye to Bill and send him well-wishes or memorable moments of your time working with him, and congratulations on this next chapter.